Inscription Ideas

Letters, unless otherwise stated are extra
to the price of the memorial.

  • Cut & Gold Leaf £1.55 each
  • Lead (Marble & Nabresina only) £2.60 each
  • Cut & Painted £1.05 each (Black, White, Silver etc.)
Memorial and Headstone Inscription Ideas.
Inscription Colours
Gold On Black Memorial and Headstone Inscription Ideas.Gold On Black
Gold on Imperial Red Gold On Black Memorial and Headstone Inscription Ideas.Gold on Imperial Red
Gold on Karin Grey Gold On Black Memorial and Headstone Inscription Ideas.Gold on Karin Grey
Lead on Marble Gold On Black Memorial and Headstone Inscription Ideas.Lead on Marble
Silver on Black Gold On Black Memorial and Headstone Inscription Ideas.Silver on Black
Silver on Silk Blue Gold On Black Memorial and Headstone Inscription Ideas.Silver on Silk Blue
In ever loving memory of
In loving memory of
Loving memories of
In affectionate memory of
Treasured memories of
Sacred to the memory of
Happy memories of
Cherished memories of
Always remembered
Precious memories of
Who passed away
1st January 2013
Aged 89
Died 1st January 2012
Aged 89
Born 1st January 1920
Died 1st January 2010
15.10.1935 – 1.1.2013
1965 – 2013
Aged 48
Her (his) life a
beautiful memory
Her (his) absence
a silent grief. (50)
Whatever we were to each other,
That we still are. (41)
What seems to us a sunset
Is a sunrise in another land. (44)
Those who die in grace
Go no further from us than God
And God is very near. (59)
So much to live for,
So much to do
So many dreams
Then God chose you (53)
You are gone, I remain
Until the day we meet again (40)
In life we cherished them both,
In death we will
never forget them (54)
You taught us many things in life
That we would have to do
But you never taught us
how to cope
with the hurt of losing you. (97)
Our love for you grows stronger
Each and everyday
The love you gave to others
In our hearts will always stay (89)
Earth has one gentle soul less
Heaven has one special
angel more (53)
You bought sunshine into our
Lives on days when there was
Rain. You replaced our sorrows
With happiness on the days
When we felt pain. The love
You gave to others is a gift so
Priceless, so rare, forever,
Until eternity. In our hearts you
Will always be there. (212)
If we could turn back time. (22)
They say it is a
Beautiful journey
From the old world
To the new
Some day I will take
That journey
Just to be with you
And when we reach
That garden
Where there is no pain
I will put my arms around you
And we will never part again (181)
In the garden of happy memories
It is always summer (42)
Forgive me Dad, if I still cry
Why was it that you had to die
Others have lost their dads I know
But you were mine and
I loved you so (103)
If I could have a wish come true
I wish my darling I still had you (51)
‘Shhh…baby sleeping’
Our lips cannot speak how we loved her
Our hearts cannot tell what to say
But God only knows how we miss her
In our home that is lonely today
Softly the leaves of memory fall
Gently I gather and treasure them all
Unseen, unheard you are always near
So missed so loved so very dear (113)
You are always near,
So missed, so loved, so very dear (41)
Silent thoughts, tears unseen,
Wish your absence
was only a dream. (52)
‘Tis better to have loved and lost,
Than never to have loved at all. (52)
You touched our lives for the
briefest of moments
Yet you will stay with us
forever (68)
We never lose the ones we love,
For love itself lives on
And the joy we knew together
Is never ever gone. (82)
Pause my family as you walk by.
Where you are now, so was I.
Where I am now, you will be.
Prepare my family
to follow me. (89)
To live in the hearts of those
We love is not to die.(41)
A voice we loved is still (20)
Sunshine passes, shadows fall
Love and memory outlast them all (52)
Too dearly loved to be forgotten (27)
Love is eternal and love is immortal.(30)
Loved and missed by
all the family (28)
Together again (13)
We met, loved and will again (21)
Remember me when I am gone away,
Gone far into the silent land,
When you can no more
Hold me by the hand
Nor I half turn to go
Yet turning stay (110)
Cease thy weeping and thy sorrow
Do not think of them as dead
They have reached their home in heaven
Cares and pains forever fled. (105)
Softly the leaves of memory fall
Gently, I gather and treasure them. (55)
In the arms of the angels is where
Our daughter (son,mother etc) lays, a
Beautiful person in thousands of ways (75)
My favourite place in all the world,
Let me think where that could be …
… Well any place you care to name
As long as you’re with me (105)
We hear you singing
In our hearts
And love to
Watch you play (48)
Death divides but
Memories cling (28)
If I take the wings of morning
Far within the silent sea
Even there his hand will lead me
Even there, my God will be.(93)
Summer was gone
And the heat died down
And autumn reached
For her golden crown
I looked behind
As I heard a sigh
But this was the
Time of no reply (116)
Only goodnight beloved,
Not farewell (32)
To live in the hearts of
those we love
Is not to die. (41)
Resting where no shadows fall. (25)
Peace perfect peace (17)
Always in our thoughts
Forever in our hearts (37)
Gone are the days
we used to share
But in our hearts
you’re always there. (58)
It broke our hearts to lose you
But you did not go alone
For part of us went with you
The day god called you home. (88)
A tiny flower lent, not given
To bud on earth and
bloom in heaven. (51)
We loved you so much
but we miss you more (32)
I remember the day I met you,
The day God made you mine.
I remember the day I lost you
And will to the end of time.
Through all my tears
and heartache
There’s one thing for
Which I’m glad
That you chose me
To share with you
Those precious years we had.
I will never forget you,
I have held you
In the palm of my hand. (48)
If tears could build a stairway
And memories a lane
We’d walk right up to heaven
And bring you home again. (84)
God sees when footsteps falter
When the pathway has grown too steep
So he touches the drooping eyelids
And gives the loved one sleep (109)
We die, not into the grace
But into the love of God
Who created us. (51)
No treasure will ever replace him
His memory will never grow old
My heart was broken that sad day
When the angels came and took you away
I loved you then and always will
Your vacant place no one can fill
If I could have a wish come true
I wish my darling I still had you (214)
You shared my dreams for the future,
You shared my past,
You were my first love
And you are my last.
This is not goodbye, just time to
Rest your head. The moon will be your
Pillow, the stars above your bed. Sweet dreams
Forever, and do not fear, you will be
Remembered for precious times shared here. (156)
Life so rich and loving
so generous and kind
can't help but leave a
legacy of memories behind. (75)
Memories are a gift to treasure,
Ours of you will last forever (50)
Only ever a thought away,
Loved and remembered everyday. (46)
We know you’re always with us
And when our lives are through
We pray that God will take our hands
And lead us straight to you. (100)
Gone is the face we
Loved so dear
Silent the voice we
Loved to hear (53)
There’s a corner in our hearts
especially kept for you.
As long as life and memory last,
we will love and remember you. (97)
He (she) died as he (she) lived
Everyone’s friend (35)
Love’s last gift, remembrance (24)
Words cannot heal a heartache
Nor stop a silent tear
Or take away a memory
Of you we love so dear (77)
Still loving, still living, still ours (33)
As you loved us,
We love you. (23)
She enhanced the lives
Of those she touched (36)
As she lived so she died
A friend to all. (32)
When someone you love
Becomes a memory,
Your memories become
A treasure. (61)
If memories kept them together
Then they shall never be apart.
At last, together forever. (75)
Remembering you is easy,
We do it everyday,
Missing you is a heartache
That never goes away (75)
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